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    Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2023 workshop and ensured the successful return of this event!

    An archive of the presented work is available in the 'Past Workshops' tab.

    We look forward to seeing you all in 2024!


    FM Global hosts this annual workshop as a forum for experts from industry, government, and academia worldwide to discuss, cooperate and improve open source software for fire modeling. The goal of the workshop is the development of predictive fire models targeting real world applications. Fire modeling is a highly interdisciplinary field with theoretical and experimental contributions needed from combustion scientists, fire protection engineers, software developers, and many others. Workshop contributors will present recent findings in model development and validation on a range of topics, such as material flammability, fire dynamics, flame spread, heat and mass transfer, radiation, sprinkler sprays, water mist, and fire suppression. Presentations are selected based on their quality and suitability for the objectives of the workshop. Invitations to attend the workshop without presentation are extended based on available space.

    Snapshot from a FireFOAM simulation of a rack-storage fire with sprinkler suppression.

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